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Erin Haines

Erin Haines photo Erin Haines
  • Brown Belt - 2 Stripes


Erin Haines is a NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer and Co-founder of Salvos.  As a coach she is passionate about the balance of mind and body in the game of survival.  She earned her BJJ blue belt while training in New Orleans from Professor John "Rusty" Roper.  Erin was awarded her purple belt in 2018 and brown belt in 2021 by Hillary VanOrnum, current owner of Unicorn Jiu Jitsu PDX.  Certification as a personal trainer was an evolution born from the desire to make her knowledge of fitness available to people standard gyms or trainers were not able to help. Diabetic populations, people recovering from injuries and just released from their doctors' care and those people who simply did not "fit in" at a big box gym. Erin is the Kickboxing Coach, lead trainer of Food-Borne Fitness - the lifestyle branch of Salvos and the only Salvos coach you will find in the gym before 8am. She trains Krav Maga and striking with Invictus Fighting Systems. She is a Basic Pistol Instructor, focusing on teaching fundamentals.