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Donny Pickard

Donny Pickard photo Donny Pickard
  • Black Belt


Donny’s a black belt who’s been on the mats for over 20 years, with more than a dozen of those years coaching. Coach Donny has competed in many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments winning several gold, silver and bronze medals along the way.

He regularly coaches students to podium finishes at tournaments all over the northwest. He’s proud to have promoted many students to their blue and purple belts. In addition to jiu jitsu, Donny has experience in Kickboxing, MMA, Western Boxing and other defensive tactics.

Another of Coach Donny’s passions is teaching about firearms. Whether you’re new to them or have experience with guns, Donny appreciates the chance to share his knowledge. He has a unique set of skills and breadth of information to pass on to others.

Ever the student, he’s constantly striving to improve his ability to teach, as well as to do.